Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good Call

My decision to punch you was a good call. It's been more than a month or two since we last saw and talked to each other. I was initially worrying about what a friend told me that you might play the guilt-trip on. Good thing it didn't happened.

We never talked after that. And its a taste of fresh air. I'm not receiving any calls nor updates from you. You are starting to be out of my system. Out of my life. It should have been this way since the day you chose him over me. Everything should have been a breeze. 

I feel no regret now. I am starting to see the one single road branching out. And I am starting to feel that I am able to move from where you left me. I am feeling good about it. Feeling optimistic about everything. I am able to wake up every morning with a smile not just on my face, but a smile in my heart.

Thank you for everything. You know who you are. It has been a rough ride for both of us. But everything should at least come to an end. 
I still have a few months left for me to fully regain the lost self. I can't wait for 2013 to end. This year has been rough for both of us. I know that 2014 will be different. It will be better.

And just in case we meet again, I won't punch you. I'll walk past you and just stab you with a knife at the back. Just kidding.

Cheers to life!