Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Fifth of December

Dear Sean/K,

The fifth of December marks my last month for staying in agony under your spell. I have barely ten days to celebrate a year of being alone and  roughly a month to completely end this none sense journey without you. Looking back, it was just last September when we completely let go of each other. A not so easy parting since I've been too physical in showing to you how much hurt I've been through. An action that never really haunt me, rather an act of letting go. 

We have been going in circles for the first ten months of the year. You have been testing waters while I brave the strong waves to have you back. It was indeed a rough ride. One thing I am sure of, I don't have anything to regret after this year ends. I've done my part already. The next year will be to start a new beginning.

My life shall go on without you. Though I have to admit it, I still don't know where to start. I have been trying to. Mingling around and meeting people had been a failure. Though some were able to go knock just in front of my door, no one had been successful in having me open it. O, yes. You're probably right. It is still you.

I pray for you that the good Lord guide you forever. May what we shared be a lesson to you. Something you won't forget. Something that will remind you of what a genuine love is. I, on the other hand, will pray to God to give me strength to start a better life. A life full of meaning serving his righteous purpose.

Happy 5th of the month.


It never faded nor faltered. It still remains the same.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


At dahil wala akong regalo sa sarili ko nung birthday ko..
Oo, minsan ay impulsive shopper ako.
Paminsan lang naman
Pikit mata kong inabot ang pera ko sa kahera. Aw.
Kaya pag nagutom ako ngayong pasko, 
sapatos ang kakainin ko.