Friday, May 23, 2014


A friend told me about a car accident involving K (my Ex). I shouldn't be feeling this, but I was  worried. She saw the details on his Facebook account. (Oh yes, I no longer follow his account. I already hid all his notifications and posts so I may not be able to see any of his updates in my timeline) I asked her about the details, she mentioned that the car was damaged but K seems to be fine. Not even critical or dying. I faked a laugh.

O yes, after what happened, I should be thinking that this is the bad karma getting on him. But no! I don't want karma or revenge. I wanted him to be at peace and to be safe always. You may think that I still love him, but like what I said before, it’s already a different kind of love. Besides, we have been living together under the same roof for two years. I think it’s normal for me to at least worry about him even if we had parted ways already. 

And so I asked my friend if I should at least send him a message. She immediately said no since he seems to be okay and not in critical condition. I agreed with her and ignored the idea of sending a mail.

But knowing how twisted my mind is, right after doing some paper works. I drafted my email to him. And after reading it for more than five times, I pressed the 'Send' button. There goes the stupid me again.

No worries, I am not expecting a reply.



  1. I actually did the same when an ex got hospitalized. No shame there. I personally think that it shows how good your heart is.

    1. Thank you sir! It was so nice of you to tell that I have a good heart. Yeah, maybe I have one, a forgiving heart. It's what everyone needs in this world. Cheers!